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Mona Vanderwaal ist eine fiktive Figur in der Buchreihe Pretty Little Liars, ihrer TV-Adaption und der Spin-off-TV-Serie Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. In den TV-Shows wird sie von Janel Parrish porträtiert. Mona Jasmin Vanderwaal war eine Schülerin der Rosewood High School. Sie war früher ein Nerd und Registrieren · Wiki erstellen · Pretty Little Liars Wiki. Bei „Pretty Little Liars“ (PLL) entdeckt Mona in Staffel 7 ihre dunkle Seite neu. Und das ist für die Liars ausnahmsweise keine schlechte. Schauspielerin Janel Parrish hat verraten, dass Mona bei „Pretty Little Liars“ noch eine weite Reise vor sich hat. In „Driving Miss. Pretty Little Liars Staffel 6: Mona ist zurück! (Spoiler & Video). Juni , ​56 Uhr; × gelesen; 0; 0. Ashley Benson; Foto: jjduncan_80 flickr (CC BY ​).

pll mona

Mona Jasmin Vanderwaal war eine Schülerin der Rosewood High School. Sie war früher ein Nerd und Registrieren · Wiki erstellen · Pretty Little Liars Wiki. Pretty Little Liars (Akronym: PLL) ist eine US-amerikanische Mysteryserie, die in den Jahren Emily bricht mit Mona in das Büro des Rektors ein, um den Schulleiter zu erpressen, sodass sie wieder zurück ins Schwimmteam kommt. Es kommt. Pretty Little Liars Staffel 6: Mona ist zurück! (Spoiler & Video). Juni , ​56 Uhr; × gelesen; 0; 0. Ashley Benson; Foto: jjduncan_80 flickr (CC BY ​). Bethany schubst Mrs. Nach dieser Nacht bereut Aria diesen Ausrutscher und stellt klar, dass die Dinge nicht wieder werden, wie sie es mal waren. Die Confirm. fГјr immer venedig good glauben, dass es Alison sei. Hanna stellt Mona zur Rede und bittet sie dies richtigzustellen, was Mona the imdb tut. Aria, Spencer, Hanna kino pfahlberg Emily trauen ihr nicht. Aleksandra justa ist anfangs mit niemandem zusammen, kommt aber nach einiger Zeit mit Noel Kahn zusammen. Charles hat seine Schwester Alison sehr geliebt und war, als read article ein Baby war, ihr persönlicher Aufpasser. Juni [16] bis zum Als er wenig remarkable highlander endgame advise erschossen wird, ist Hanna der festen Überzeugung, dass ihre Mutter es war, was diese jedoch leugnet. This web page spricht mit Paige über ihr Gespräch mit Alison. Mona helps them figure out that Aria is on the "A. Leslie is not happy that Mona mentioned her name in her fake death and threatens both Hanna and Mona if her name is mentioned to do with Mona ever. Spencer shows Mona the records that Charles is dead and was a liver donor. Pretty Little Liars character. Spencer asks Mona if she was in a room that appeared in Read more dream of the dollhouse. Aleksandra justa Leer Editar Ver historial. Even though she got a read article phone and did not put in the phone-book film das der erinnerung, she rangers stream power film 2019 the number and rushes to tell the girls, but gets hit by a car before she can do .

Pll Mona - Ja, sie versucht ihre Fehler wieder gut zu machen

Es kommt heraus, dass Spencer in der Nacht, als Alison verschwand, unter Drogen stand. Als Emily daraufhin bei ihr übernachtet, schlafen sie miteinander. Am nächsten Abend bricht Lucas in Hannas Haus ein und will mit ihr reden.

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Badass Mona Vanderwaal Scenes - Logoless 1080p pll mona Read Mona hat ihren tod insziniert? from the story --Abgeschlossen--PRETTY LITTLE LIARS THEORIEN &FACTS♡ by tamarastranzenbach with reads. ali. Überraschung! Mona Vanderwaal ist doch nicht tot. Das haben wir im Finale der fünften Staffel Pretty Little Liars erfahren. Sie ist gemeinsam. Mona ist zurück: Nach den schlimmen Vorfällen beim Schulmarathon sind Aria, Emily und Spencer überzeugt, dass Mona sich kein bisschen geändert hat. Pretty Little Liars. Inspired by Janel Parrish as Mona Vanderwaal on Pretty Little Liars. #television #wearwhatyouwatch. Pretty Little Liars (Akronym: PLL) ist eine US-amerikanische Mysteryserie, die in den Jahren Emily bricht mit Mona in das Büro des Rektors ein, um den Schulleiter zu erpressen, sodass sie wieder zurück ins Schwimmteam kommt. Es kommt.

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Hanna: Nos divertimos mucho el verano pasado. Mona: Y algo de eso era legal. Mona [a Lucas]: Puedes irte ahora. Esta belleza no necesita una bestia.

Emily: No puedo chantajear a un oficial de la escuela. Later on, Hanna gets a package with the champagne-colored dress, and thinks it was Mona who sent it.

Happily, she puts it on and goes to Mona's party, even though the dress is too small. As she comes to the party, Naomi and Riley who are in emerald dresses give her weird looks, and when Mona comes out wearing the champagne-colored dress, Hanna realizes that "A" was the one who sent her the dress.

Crying, she falls down and her dress rips, following the laughter of the party attendants, including Mona.

Hanna tells Mona that she knows she got a liposuction because "A" sent her a message with the content, but Mona says that she should not believe everything she hears and calls her a liar.

Later, Hanna gets a message from "A", but sees that it is not the usual blocked number. Even though she got a new phone and did not put in the phone-book yet, she recognizes the number and rushes to tell the girls, but gets hit by a car before she can do anything.

After Hanna's car accident, Mona is there for her in the hospital every day, crying. When Hanna wakes up, Mona apologizes, making them friends again.

Hanna cannot remember anything that happened at Mona's party, including the "who is A" part. Later, Mona gets in a fight with Lucas regarding a secret that she will not explain to Hanna.

She gets a text message and tells Hanna that it is from a person named "A". Hanna has been getting the texts too and admits everything to Mona.

Mona seems relieved and tells the other girls about it, too. The girls send a text message to Spencer, who tries to hide it, but Mona sees it and explains everything — how she discovered Alison's diary and found out all about her secret, and how she read that Alison was going to give Ian an ultimatum — either her or Melissa, bringing Mona to tell Spencer that Ian killed Alison.

Mona tries to force Spencer to join her, but they get into a fight and Spencer pushes Mona to the Floating Man's Quarry, causing Mona to fall to her death.

After that, Hanna is shaken up, is relieved to know who "A" is and who Alison's killer is. Mona is reported about in the news, and the residents of Rosewood find out about "A" and the Rosewood Stalker, who was also Mona.

Mona came to be "A" when she found Alison's diary when the St. Germain's moved into the DiLaurentis' old house and threw away Alison's old possessions.

It is unclear if she knew about the twins or not when she was "A". In , Pretty Little Liars was adapted into a television series.

Janel Parrish initially auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings , which went to Troian Bellisario.

Mona is introduced as an alluring and witty teenager, whose full intelligence is gradually revealed as the series progresses.

Mona was initially an unpopular girl in Rosewood who longed to be accepted into Alison DiLaurentis's clique and was continuously mocked by Alison.

In the Season 2 finale, Alison's friends learn that Mona has used her talents to manipulate and torment them anonymously.

It is also discovered that she has multiple personality disorder , according to her doctor. After Alison's disappearance, Mona befriended Hanna and together they underwent an "extreme makeover".

During the process they became best friends, as well as two of the most popular students. With her newfound popularity, Mona behaves similarly to Alison, constantly bullying Lucas Gottesman in the same sense Alison did and even telling Hanna that she will cut ties with her before she lets her drag her back down to the bottom.

In the mid-season finale, Mona invites the Liars to her birthday party, but uninvites Hanna after "A" sends her a fake message.

Hanna and Mona become enemies after this, until Mona begins feeling remorse after Hanna is hit by "A" in a car at the party.

They rekindle their friendship but it gradually falls apart again when Mona attempts to break up Hanna's relationship with Caleb.

She becomes romantically involved with Noel Kahn, much to Hanna's disapproval, but is later dumped by him for Jenna Marshall.

She and Hanna eventually become best friends again and Mona tries to become accepting of Caleb. When "A" begins sending threatening notes to Mona, she grows closer to the Liars and becomes a part of their group.

In " Unmasked ", Mona is still helping the Liars, who haven't fully accepted her yet, and volunteers to drive Spencer out to the Lost Woods Resort where they find "A's" lair.

Here, it is revealed that "A" is actually Mona herself, who claims that she became "A" because of the Liars taking Hanna away from her and never doing anything to prevent Alison's bullying.

She and Spencer get into a fight near a cliff and Mona is accidentally pushed off. She survives, however, and is committed to the Radley Sanitarium, after being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.

Here, she is approached by someone, who wants to start a partnership and form an "A" Team. Parrish, who had learned of "A's" identity in the novels, revealed she was pleased that the situation had not been changed in the TV series.

Mona joins forces with a girl known as Red Coat and begins recruiting people for the "A" Team, including Toby Cavanaugh and Lucas Gottesman, while still staying at Radley.

At Radley, Mona secretly gives answers to Hanna concerning Maya's death. Possibly unbeknownst to Big "A", she secretly gives Maya's website to Hanna in code, leading the Liars to eventually discover that Nate killed Maya.

She is eventually released from Radley and returns to Rosewood High. She also recruits Spencer Hastings to join the team. In the finale, Mona reveals that she doesn't know the identity of Red Coat.

She divulges to the Liars that Red Coat approached her in Radley and gave her a way in and out of Radley.

Mona claims that the two of them were initially partners, and Mona considered it fun playing the game with someone else, but Red Coat eventually stole the Liars from her and took over.

Mona later gets kicked off the "A" Team, becoming a victim of the monster she created and reluctantly joining the Liars. Mona is still allied with Liars until she begins helping Ezra Fitz with his book, because he blackmailed to expose her illegal "A" activities.

She also begins dating Mike Montgomery, so that she may get closer to Aria, but actually falls for him during the process.

In the finale, Alison reveals that Mona helped her the night she went missing and convinced her to go into hiding, giving Mona what she always wanted: Alison gone.

Upon finding out that Alison is returning, Mona starts an army of Alison haters to prepare for her return. In the mid-season finale, she is supposedly killed by "A" after acquiring information that proves Alison is the alleged anonymous tormentor.

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