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Lego bionicle

Lego Bionicle LEGO Bionicle 70795 - Maskenmacher vs. Totenkopf-Brecher

Lego Bionicles, die im Jahr auf den Markt kamen sind noch immer für Kinder jeden Alters attraktiv. Die halb mechanischen, halb. LEGO Bionicle - Tarix · EUR 39,90Prime. KOSTENFREIE Lieferung. Unsere Altersempfehlung: 7 - 16 Jahre. 5 von 5 Sternen 5. BIONICLE ist eine bekannte Produktreihe von LEGO, die es seit gibt. Der Name setzt sich. LEGO Bionicle: Helden, magische Kräfte und mystische Orte. Einmal mehr ist es mit einer Lego-Serie möglich, in fantastische Welten abzutauchen. Legofans mit​. Top-Angebote für LEGO Baukästen & Sets mit Bionicle-Spielthema online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise.

lego bionicle

5 LEGO-Figuren, Mini-Bionicles, blau,grün,braun,weiß. Kropp. Lego Bionicles, die im Jahr auf den Markt kamen sind noch immer für Kinder jeden Alters attraktiv. Die halb mechanischen, halb. Endet am Jun, MESZ4T 18StdLieferung an AbholstationMarke: Lego​Spielthemen: RoboridersAltersempfehlung: Jahre. Nur anzeigen Alle ansehen. Amazon Advertising Noethen ulrich finden, gewinnen und binden. Solch einen See more verkaufen? Rücknahme akzeptiert. See more Listenansicht. Wenn sie die Figuren bauen und click at this page mit ihrem Elementarteil kombinieren, folgen Kinder einer Anleitung und üben ihre technischen Fähigkeiten. Die halb mechanischen, halb organischen Figuren haben bereits eigene Zeichentrickserien, Comicbücher und einen Spielfilm. Unsere Altersempfehlung: 7 teletabbies 14 Jahre. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time.

Lego Bionicle - Lego Bionicle 70791 - Skull Warrior Actionfigur

Vorherige Seite 1 2 EUR 16, EUR 15,91 Versand. Rücknahme akzeptiert. Ähnliche Artikel ansehen. Nur noch 7 Stück auf Lager - jetzt bestellen. EUR 63,00 4 gebrauchte und neue Artikel. EUR Versand. Preisvorschlag senden - Lego Bionicle Über Amazon. EUR ,36 4 gebrauchte und neue Source. EUR 8,00 Versand.

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Momentanes Problem beim Laden dieses Menüs. EUR 16,00 Versand. Anleitung und OVP. EUR 9,00 Versand. Produktart Alle ansehen. Mehrwertsteuer, kein gemeinsamer Versand mit anderen Anbietern, daher Versandkosten beachten! Endet am Jun, MESZ4T 18StdLieferung an AbholstationMarke: Lego​Spielthemen: RoboridersAltersempfehlung: Jahre. 5 LEGO-Figuren, Mini-Bionicles, blau,grün,braun,weiß. Kropp. Laden Sie die offizielle LEGO® Bauanleitung für das Set , Tower of Toa, LEGO Bionicle online herunter und fangen Sie direkt an zu bauen! EUR 14,00 Versand. Audible Hörbücher herunterladen. EUR read article Versand. See more 15,39 Versand. Lego bionicle sammlung. Die halb mechanischen, halb organischen Figuren haben bereits eigene Zeichentrickserien, Comicbücher und einen Spielfilm. Solch einen Artikel verkaufen? Autorisierter Händler. Bitte geben Sie eine gültige Preisspanne article source. Hauptinhalt anzeigen. Unsere Altersempfehlung: 7 - 14 Jahre.

One in minifigure scale, one in microfigure scale and the third one with brick-built figures. In the time before time, on the mysterious island of Mata Nui six canisters washed ashore on a golden beach This is the very beginning of the Bionicle Legend.

Our first scene is based on this very moment in the story. As the mighty Toa Tahu wakes up at the beach of Mata Nui, only remembering his name.

The scene is heavily inspired by the Mata Nui Online Game and features important landmarks like the great telescope, the charred forest and the stone sculptures used to symbolize Mata Nui and Makuta.

Sometimes a hero has to do something else besides beat the villains and come home covered in glory. Sometimes, he has to make a sacrifice so that a lot of people — people he's never met before, and who don't know his name — can live Matoro using the Kanohi Ignika to reawaken Mata Nui in the storyline is one of the most serious and emotional moments in the Bionicle story.

Matoro embraces his destiny and gives his life for the Matoran universe. The scene includes a Matoro minifigure, with printed Kanohi Ignika.

The scenery is designed to look like the deeps of Mahri Nui, including some sea life like a Squid and a Jellyfish, similar to the system Bionicle sets.

In the background of the scene there are brick-built versions of the Kanohi Akaku and Kanohi Iden, the masks Matoro previously wore.

Battle of Metru Nui v2. Berix Bionicle Accessory Pack Bionicle Bonus Pack plus three Bionicle Comic books Bionicle Co-Pack contains and Bionicle Glatorian Collection K Bionicle Glatorian Legends Collection Bionicle Hero Pack Bionicle Villain Pack Bitil Bohrok 3-pack contains Bohrok Co-Pack contains Bohrok-Kal Kit K Bohrok Swarm Kit K Boxor Braca Duracell 12 pack AA battery promotion Braca Duracell 8 pack AA battery promotion Brutaka Cahdok and Gahdok Carapar The headplate could be opened to reveal its Krana by pressing on its eyes.

By leaving the headplate open and pressing the lever, the Bohrok could launch its Krana at an opponent.

The Bohrok were also capable of rolling into a ball, and with the help of a special peg, each Bohrok could be hung up inside its oval canister.

The label on the canister would then be peeled off to reveal the hanging Bohrok inside. The Bohrok were accompanied by the smaller Bohrok Va , similar in size to the Turaga, and packed in boxes.

They carried dormant forms of the Krana. At the end of the year, the Toa Nuva , transformed forms of the Toa Mata, were introduced.

Their canister lids had new designs and could be stacked. They also had axle holes in the lid, as they did in In spring , the Bohrok-Kal were released.

They wore Krana-Kal , which looked like shinier, metallic versions of Krana. The Bohrok-Kal were the same size and shape of Bohrok, with slightly different weapons and some silver components, with their heads showing the symbol of their elemental Bohrok group.

Their canisters were mainly the same design as that of the Bohrok as well, having a peg from which to hang the Bohrok-Kal.

In the second half of the Rahkshi were introduced, a group of six warriors of Makuta controlled by collectible slug-like creatures called Kraata.

Each of these Rahkshi came in one of the six standard colours and wielded a unique staff with the power of their Kraata. Their spine plate could be flipped open to reveal the Kraata inside.

The Kraata were also available in packs. They had different powers and power levels, depending on their colour and their pattern.

The Rahkshi containers were triangular and could be stacked. The lids featured niches and holes to fit all six types of one Kraata in it.

There were up to forty-two Kraata variations. He wears black, gunmetal, and red armour. In , the form and shape of the Toa and Matoran changed entirely.

The Toa Metru were larger, used almost entirely different pieces, and had new weapons and new masks. One of the most notable changes was a new head with a ball-joint, that could attach to any masks except those from before the Toa Nuva and the later Toa Inika.

Adapting the Rahkshi's leg design with its poseable knees, the Toa Metru's whole leg was built upon ball-and-socket design, with a new double-sided upper-limb element.

In addition to poseable knees, the Toa Metru had poseable elbows as well. The canisters of the Toa were round, having screw lids.

By combining two lids a Matoran Sphere could be created, used in the storyline to transport Matoran. The Matoran came in small boxes. They wore remakes of the Turaga masks, but with new colors, and had larger bodies.

The Kanoka Disks, which came in an ammunition pack called Kanoka Disk Launcher Pack , had a three-digit code printed on them which indicated the origin, the ability and the power level of each disk.

In the summer of , the Vahki were released. These security robots could fire Kanoka Disks from their mouths and could transform from a bipedal walking mode to a 4-legged hunt mode.

Their secondary weapons were staffs with special powers they could inflict on their targets. The arms could rotate with a wheel on their backs similar to the Rahkshi.

Their canisters were triangular, with a transparent lid in their respective colour. In the Toa Hordika were released, along with the Visorak.

They could be launched by pulling a ripcord from a launcher on which the spinners were mounted. The canisters of the Toa Hordika were nearly round, having the appearance rivets on the side.

The lid was screwed onto the top of the canister, and had space to hold two Rhotuka. The spider-like Visorak also used the Rhotuka Spinners, mounted on their backs.

Additionally, by pressing the backs of the Visorak down, their pincers would open and close. Their canisters were similar to those of the Toa Hordika.

The lids had a transparent plastic dome which could be opened to remove a Rhotuka Spinner. These also had a code printed on them. During spring the Piraka were introduced.

They featured light-up eyes, glow-in-the-dark faces, rubber spines, and a new weapon called the Zamor sphere launcher, which fired plastic balls called Zamor Spheres.

The secondary weapon of the Piraka was a double-sided weapon which could be flipped in the character's hand. The Toa Inika , which were released in summer , carried a modified version of the Zamor Launcher: it had an additional piece that allowed it to hold four Zamor Spheres at once.

The Zamor Spheres included with the Toa Inika came in the colours yellow-orange, blue and green. Each Toa Inika's primary weapon was a strobe-light tool which glowed either red, blue or green and could be activated by pressing a small black button on the side.

Each set came with removable batteries for the tool. The head of Toa was designed with a rubber mask, and could not accept any other mask.

The lids of the Inika canisters were two-piece: the bottom piece could hold the four Zamor spheres and the strobe-light weapon, while the top piece fastened everything into place.

Five titans were also released in , all of whom guarded the Mask of Life. Two of them were Axonn and Brutaka, friends who had turned enemies.

Axonn was dark red and silver and carried a double-bladed axe. Brutaka was dark blue and gold and carries a double-ended sword. Three of the titans guarded the cave to the Mask of Life.

One was Umbra, based on the Latin word for shadow. Another extremely rare titan, named Irnakk, and had a golden spine with golden Zamor Spheres.

Another titan set included Vezon and Fenrakk. Vezon wore a Piraka-like mask with a version of the Mask of Life fused to the back of it and carried the Staff of Fusion.

Also sold at this time were six Voya Nui Matoran, packaged in small boxes, and Zamor packs filled with bronze, silver and gold Zamor Spheres.

Additionally, this year there were four Playsets, and many promotional sets. Up until this time, each series of canister sets had the same type of body legs, arms, feet, torso , and the only major differences were in the masks, colors, and weapons.

In early , the Barraki were released. The Barraki carried squid launchers, which launch orange and blue Sea Squids , and a secondary weapon like claws or swords.

Each Barraki had pincers on its mouth, giving it a water creature-like appearance. These canisters had the lid on the bottom resembling a rock, and a transparent canister part representing air bubbles.

lego bionicle

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These exciting sets will take their imaginations to the next level. The sides of the boxes were decorated with the image of a rusted, metal frame.

These titans also featured the first appearance of a mask with a removable axle; until then, all axles of the masks were part of the mask.

This year also marked the end of the playsets, with Barraki Deepsea Patrol , Toa Undersea Attack , and Toa Terrain Crawler being the last playsets released.

In January , the Phantoka and Av-Matoran were introduced. The first half of the year concentrated on battle in the skies, so the Toa, Makuta and Matoran all had means of flight.

The three Phantoka Makuta carried Tridax Pods , which were orange transparent spheres that could break open, releasing Shadow Leeches, creatures capable of draining the light from an individual.

The Phantoka canister design featured a plastic box with a lid and a plastic frame, representing rock columns, fitted to the side. These canisters could not be stacked.

The only box set of this first wave was Toa Ignika , the first set to include the Ignika , the Mask of Life, although it was silver rather than its usual gold.

In summer , the Mistika were released. Like the Phantoka, this line featured three Toa and three Makuta. The Toa, as well as the Makuta, carried Nynrah Ghost Blasters, which shot rubber projectiles in either lime green or silver.

The Makuta were released as a mutated form of their original selves, but they too wore Kanohi masks, although mutated into insectoid forms.

The canisters of the six Mistika featured a lid with a Kanohi Ignika on the side. The Ignika had two sides: one smooth, representing the mask when it was created, and the other scarred and pitted, representing the damage the mask received over time.

The canisters had a notch in the bottom so they could be stacked. The Matoran were the largest Matoran to be released, but also the ones with the least pieces, all of them having 14 pieces, except for Radiak.

They did not have uniform weapons or even uniform means of flight; the Av-Matoran , or Matoran of Light, had jetpacks, while the Shadow Matoran had black bat-like wings.

Their canisters were a mix of box and canister: the top and bottom part was a plastic piece, shaped like rocks.

The middle part, however, was made out of cardboard with an image of the set printed on it. In Spring the Glatorian were released, along with six Agori and two titan sets, Fero and Skirmix and Tuma.

The Glatorian all wielded Thornax Launchers with rubber Thornax fruits as projectiles. They also all had secondary and sometimes tertiary weapons.

Rather than having masks attached onto the face, these figures had helmets that were attached from the top.

The lids of their canisters wore an unknown pattern, which could be stacked using the bottom of another canister. These sets also had Thornax launchers and secondary weapons.

Their canisters had a different lid pattern but could also be stacked. The Agori sets bore a large resemblance to the Matoran sets, having nearly the same design, piece count and price.

Their canisters weren't different from those Matoran canisters except for the color. The spring titan and summer vehicle sets were packed in boxes.

In summer a titan Mata Nui set was also released, wearing a golden Ignika. This set was bigger, but in the storyline it represents Mata Nui in his original size, not as large as the set was.

As a tie-in to the release of the fourth film, a BrickMaster promotion was released: Click , the Scarabax beetle that befriended Mata Nui.

The sets used the same system as the Matoran and the Agori, but with armor on the chest and shoulders.

Each set included a piece of the Golden Armour, which in-storyline was worn by Tahu. This set line didn't have uniform ranged weapons, like the Kanoka Disk launchers or the Zamor launchers.

Instead they had different weapons, similar to the saga. Each set included a character from somewhere in the storyline previously.

The canisters were smaller than previously released canisters. The lid featured a Skrall shield symbol, the map of the Valley of the Maze.

The bottom of the canisters had a notch to stack them. This left many questions unanswered and some story serials unfinished. The Hero Factory characters included new leg, torso, foot, and armor molds.

The villains had the bending leg design from the Toa Metru, but usually with only Matoran limbs as arms. In , Hero Factory 2. The story is a reboot rather than a continuation of the original story.

The story takes place on the island of Okoto where they will be searching for masks; mainly the Mask of Creation, the Mask of Control, and the Mask of Ultimate Power.

Makuta is now the evil brother of the noble Mask Maker Ekimu , who-though his body is comatose-seeks to dominate the island.

After the defeat of the Skull enemies, the Toa were gifted new weapons and armor by Ekimu and set out to find and destroy Makuta's Mask of Control.

To do this, they searched for the Elemental Creatures. On January 1st , the Protectors were released. They were the elders of each village, similar to the Turaga.

They were sold in canister-like carton boxes that can be stacked above the Masters' boxes. Each came with a Skull Spider , a unique melee weapon, a special mask with joints that are now where the figure's 'ears' would be, and a rapid-fire stud shooter that was previously used in the Star Wars line.

At the same time, the Toa or Masters were released in larger boxes. They also each came with a Skull Spider and a golden version of their elemental mask.

Also, Tahu, Pohatu, and Kopaka have alternative melee weapons, since their weapon's secondary function is a mode of transportation. One of the major antagonists, the Lord of Skull Spiders was released as well.

It isn't humanoid like the rest, and includes an exclusive Golden Skull Spider mask. In August, the Skull Creatures were released.

There were 4 of them and they were sold in boxes. They have unique armor, limbs, masks and weapons. They come with half gold, half transparent variations of the Toa masks, symbolic of the fact that they can drain the elemental powers from even the uniquely powerful Golden Masks.

Also, a large boxed set was released, Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder. In the second year, new versions of the Toa were released, similar to the original line, along with the Elemenetal Creatures.

Five of each Uniter and Creature sets came in separate boxes, while Kopaka and Melum were in a single pack.

A play feature of this line involved the Elemental Creatures being able to attach to their respective Toa, each of whom also came with standard and gold versions of their new masks; the Creatures also came with Shadow Traps enemies.

This line also featured a set for the shadow hunter Umarak, who came with a Shadow Trap and a unique mask as well as the Mask of Control.

The summer line featured five boxed sets of varied sizes. The sets depict Ekimu and Umarak in new, larger forms; Ekimu comes with a new version of the Mask of Creation as well as a differently colored version of Umarak's mask from the winter wave.

Axalara T9 Axonn Bad Guy Balta Baranus V7 Barraki Collection K Barraki Deepsea Patrol Battle of Metru Nui v2.

Berix Bionicle Accessory Pack Bionicle Bonus Pack plus three Bionicle Comic books Bionicle Co-Pack contains and Bionicle Glatorian Collection K Bionicle Glatorian Legends Collection Bionicle Hero Pack Bionicle Villain Pack Bitil Bohrok 3-pack contains Bohrok Co-Pack contains Bohrok-Kal Kit K

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LEGO Film Bionicle Film, Lego Action HD Last Updated. The revised concept was well received and Swinnerton was commissioned to expand his initial pitch into a full 'bible'. Official website. Like the Phantoka, here line featured three Toa and three Makuta. The sides of the boxes were the golden compass with the image of a rusted, metal frame. Login Create Account. The main feature introduced in this year were the Maskswhich granted special abilities to the Toa, such as water-breathing or extra strength. Your feedback is only shown to creator as well as . These titans also featured the first vertretungslehrer hamburg of a mask with a removable axle; until then, all axles of the masks were part of the mask. The summer line featured five boxed sets of varied sizes. Include B-Models. This left many questions unanswered and some story serials unfinished. Books Chronicles Adventures Legends. Their canisters weren't different from those Kinox yugioh canisters except for the color. Five titans were also released in see more, all of whom guarded the Mask of Life. Bionicle Co-Pack contains and lego bionicle Inthe form and shape of the Toa and Matoran changed entirely. The original figures were not posable, but in the minifigures were redesigned click to see more they had 6 points of posability.

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